29 August 2015

Some Very Exciting News...

Hi Shimmers,
I have as the title said some very very exciting news.
MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS STARTING NEXT WEEK! I'm sooooooo happy its finally happening. There will be a new video every Saturday. I'm really excited and i know you guys will all subscribe and who knows? Maybe i'll have a beauty range in 3 years! This blogpost was quite short but... Oh yeah the X Factor is starting today!!! I Hope you all subscribe and tell every single one of your friends!

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Youtube : No videos yet but i hope you like the channel art! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyBJwImLPQMTL_PdG_MQVkA
Instagram: Coming Soon
Bloglovin': Should be up in a couple of hours just type GlitzandShimmerr

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