4 August 2015

Hello World!

Hi Shimmers,
This is my very first blogpost i guess. I'm so excited right now! You know when you shake a can of coke and then you open it and it fizzes and absolutely goes everywhere, that's how i feel right now.
It feels great! I know, I know i'm probably over exaggerating but i'm not I wish this feeling could last forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever (that was a LOT of ever's).  I hope you know how I feel as you read this, this blog means a lot to me you know.
If any of you guys were wondering this blog is thanks to the wonderful and amazing bloggers/vloggers Zoella (my all-time favourite sorry other guys), Tanya Burr, Sprinkle Of Glitter, Pixiwoo and many, many more. All these bloggers/ vloggers are working with Gleam Futures. I so badly want to work with Gleam and when i do(if i ever will) that will most certainly be the best day of my life (alongside meeting Zoella), I promise.
Oh, I forgot to say the topics of my blog they are going to be Beauty, Life, Fashion and a few recipes if any of you guys love baking just like me.
I think this is the end if my first blog i hope you follow it and stay tuned!
Bye, Heidi