13 September 2015

Autumn Style/ Fashion

Hi Shimmers,
I just found out I haven't done a Fashion/Style Blog post yet! So i thought i should some super cute outfits to get ready for Autumn! So here they are!

7 September 2015

207 Page Views!

Hi Shimmers,
I've officially hit 207 page views this is like a dream! Thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I'm so so so thankful!

2 September 2015

Why I love Autumn/Winter

Hi Shimmers,
I guess its September now! I really think everything for three years now is going in fast forward. I really don't know if its just me or this is just happening cos i CANT WAIT 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!!
If your like me you know what i mean. One of my all time wishes is for it to SNOW on Christmas. Yeah you heard me SNOW!