7 September 2015

207 Page Views!

Hi Shimmers,
I've officially hit 207 page views this is like a dream! Thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I'm so so so thankful!
One of my bestest friends Emma has a blog and you all need to check it out too!
Thanks for being on my shimmery journey to 207 page views!
xoxo Heidi                                                    
                                            Emma's Blog: http://justsayinblog1.blogspot.co.uk/
                                          Youtube : No videos yet but i hope you like the channel                                                                     art! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyBJwImLPQMTL_PdG_MQVkA
                                                      Instagram: Coming Soon
                                           Bloglovin: Just Type GlitzandShimmerr

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