15 August 2015

Back to School- Part 1

If i'm correct everyone is going back to school. So i was thinking why don't I do backpack/ rucksack/ satchel or whatever. So there are subtitles so if you want to skip to one do do. Hahahaha do do! You know what i mean...


A bag to keep your things in obviously i mean there will be a lot of things below where are you gonna keep everything in your pockets?!
Hand Sanitiser for those days where you touch the bottom of the table where someone wiped their snot,
Mints or Chewing gum or Breath spray so your breath doesn't smell of a onions after lunch,
A body spray or Perfume for a stronger smell
A lip balm or tinted lip balm i would recommend the Maybelline New York baby lips it is a tinted lip balm by the way so if you don't want a bit of colour use the old still amazing lip balm/ lip therapy Vaseline.
Wipes and or Tissues for the days when you have a bit of nutella on your skirt and you need to wipe it off.
Tip: Only get mini size of all of these or else your bag would be soooooo heavy!
Mini Deodorant or Antiperspirant which ever one you prefer for those days your like damn I forgot to put on Deodorant and its P.E today. You put a little roll/spray of this and all the tension and anxiety is in the past.
Disclaimer: Only read this if you are a girl if your a boy move on none of your business.
Tampons/Pads if you are on your period 'cos you never know when its that time of the month...
Dry shampoo i would recommend any from A-Z but i do like Batiste a lot.
Hairbands and Hairgrips/bobby pins these are self explanatory.
If you have anymore essentials please write in the comments what they are.


Make up Bag Obviously
Concealer 'cos you are not going to keep piling up on your foundation throughout the day and for those blemishes.
Lip Gloss if you don't want to wear a tinted lip balm by the way i'm not going to say lipstick because its a little too heavy for school.
Mascara I like Maybelline the Falsies 
Tip: Use clear mascara for the bottom lashes as black will be too heavy.
Powder I really like maybelline stay matte
Make-up brush get one for powder a small fluffy one for concealer.


A pencil case Obviously i like the ones from paperchase
Pencils any would do
Erasers/Rubbers I love the sets from Iwako from Paperchase
A ring binder for homework you guessed it i like the ones from Paperchase especially the one from the collection Pony Party 
A notebooks from Paperchase
The bear highlighters from Paperchase are just too cute!!!
Mechanical pencils from paperchase
Gel pens for a splash of colour.
And a sharpener from paperchase,
Here is a pic is what i'm buying from paperchase...

Hope you guys found this blogpost helpful. Now we're all going back to school in style my links are below .
Bye guys,
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