29 August 2015

Some Very Exciting News...

Hi Shimmers,
I have as the title said some very very exciting news.

23 August 2015

My Current Favourite Beauty Items

Hi, Shimmers
I'm back and I thought I'd tell you my favourite beauty items I hope you enjoy!
At the moment It's summer and it's August so It's nearing to Autumn so things here with be colourful and bright! Before we go to shimmer eye shadows and dark colours.

18 August 2015

My Fairy Cake Recipe

Image result for fairy cakes
Hi Shimmers,
Today I thought I'd share my fairy cake recipe with you guys tag me on Twitter with the hashtag #BakingwithShimmerr ENJOY! P.S Haven't got Instagram because my phone has broke getting my new one soon don't worry but for now :( .

15 August 2015

Thanks SOOO much

Hi Shimmers,
This is short but i just wanna say thank you guys for reading my blog I'M NEARLY AT 100 PAGEVIEWS!!! Amazingly too I've got two followers as well which is a miracle.

Back to School- Part 1

If i'm correct everyone is going back to school. So i was thinking why don't I do backpack/ rucksack/ satchel or whatever. So there are subtitles so if you want to skip to one do do. Hahahaha do do! You know what i mean...

5 August 2015


Hi Shimmers,
As we all know everybody has a friend. It may be a best friend, just a friend, or a best friend for life. A friend is someone you can tell a secret and you could trust them not to tell anyone. So ask yourself

4 August 2015

Hello World!

Hi Shimmers,
This is my very first blogpost i guess. I'm so excited right now! You know when you shake a can of coke and then you open it and it fizzes and absolutely goes everywhere, that's how i feel right now.