2 September 2015

Why I love Autumn/Winter

Hi Shimmers,
I guess its September now! I really think everything for three years now is going in fast forward. I really don't know if its just me or this is just happening cos i CANT WAIT 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!!
If your like me you know what i mean. One of my all time wishes is for it to SNOW on Christmas. Yeah you heard me SNOW!
If your in the USA and it snows on Christmas... I'm sooooooo Freaking' Jealous. For the past years in England Snow is on a halt. So there is No, Nada, Nil, *Going on Google Translate for more words for No* Sin, Nao, Non, Nu, hayir, 否 Snow for years! What was i talking about... Oh yeah Winter! I am a winter baby (if you don't know what that means it means your born in winter) and I was born in the last month of winter when its slowly, slowly, very slowly turning in to spring.

 I love autumn and winter now as much as i love summer now. In Winter don't deny it you sleep like a baby. After sipping on Hot chocolate with 10 thousand marshmallows in it or peppermint tea with honey, You put on Netflix or Youtube or Turn on a Rom-Com or horror if that's more your thing and the fireplace (if you have one) is hot and pretty and you never feel bad if you don't go outside every single day. Then you have a hot bath with gigantic bubbles and a Lush bath bomb just fizzing away as you relax and put on a face mask that smells SO A-M-A-ZING that you could eat it if it was edible but its not so a word of advice WARNING: don't eat eat face masks for your own heath and good. Then you watch even more Netflix or you read or You put on another movie preferably Harry Potter cos we just need to find out what happens next even though we've watched it like 10 Billion times i mean who dosen't like a good harry potter ( Don't listen to the HP part if your not a fan read next sentence) or you put on a classic Disney movie like Cinderella or you watch a new one like Inside Out (I LOVE INSIDE OUT!)
MMMM hot chocolate!
Image result for lush bath bombs
A lush bath bomb

Then after that you get out put on the comfiest pajamas EVER and you lie in bed singing along to Taylor Swift and One direction on loop while you braid you hair and you sing in a hair brush or as we non-pop stars know it as the Best microphone ever! Then you Sleep like I said in the beginning you then sleep like a Baby.
In the morning you pick out a berry lipstick or lip gloss and a gold eye and you wear the cutest jumper ever with jeans and wellies. That is why I cant wait till Autumn and Christmas!
Thanks For reading My blog I love you guys,
xoxo Heidi
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